Meet the Staff

Kelly Youldon-Piercy – Nursery Manager
From a very early age I have always been interested in the care and education of young children, being inspired by my mother who also had this passion and ran her own Preschool for many years which I would often help at whenever I had the chance. After leaving school I attended collage to gain as much knowledge and experience in this field before starting my child care journey as a Nanny in 1998, I continued with this family until the child went to school in 2002. I was then ready to focus my journey in a nursery setting and was delighted when I was offered a position in a town centre nursery as Head of Pre-school, during my time with this nursery I worked my way up from Head of Pre-School to Supervisor then Nursery Manager only leaving to further my knowledge and skills and Manage a training nursery for other dedicated and passionate young people. In 2012 I was given the fantastic opportunity to put all the skill and knowledge I had gained over the past 14 years to the test and help to set up Eastbourne’s newest and eagerly anticipated nursery. Being given a blank canvas was like a dream come true for me allowing me to use all my experience’s to create a safe, stimulating and exciting environment for children to explore and parents to happily leave their children. It wasn’t always plain sailing but eventually ‘Lions Cub Nursery’ opened its doors in April 2013 one of the proudest moment in my childcare journey.

Christine Reader - Deputy Manager
My heart is with early years and has been for the last 35 years. I was bitten by the bug after having my own children and wanted to learn as much as I could to make a diffrence to the lives of children I worked with. I started my journey when my children started play group at the age of 3, undertaking my diploma in childcare and education when they started school at 4. I was like a sponge, any book I could read, any course I could do, I would. I went on to manage and own my own pre-school preparing children in their pre-school year, which i did for 18 years. Thinking I had done my time in education after 2 years rest and time to try new things, I was asked to cover a manager on maternity leave and that was it, bitten again by childcare and education and off I went again. I was then asked to join Lions Cub Nursery and what a great place to be, our days are filled with fun, learning, laughter, love and careing for each other.

Claire MacGregor – Baby Room Practitioner
Claire has worked in childcare for over 10 years and holds a NVQ level 3 in Early Years Care and Education. She started her time within a well established nursery as an apprentice being given the fantastic opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge and skills from others more experienced then her. During her time within this nursery she worked her way up from an apprentice to a fulltime practitioner then onto room leader for both a Nursery room and Baby room respectively. In 2012 she moved to Eastbourne and in 2013 joined us at Lions Cub Nursery where she currently works alongside Christine in the Baby room nurturing and caring for our very young children.

Henija Skipton - 2 Year Lead

Henija has worked in childcare for over 10 years and holds a level 3 diploma in childcare and education. She has always wanted to work in childcare and regularly would help to look after her 5 younger sisters as she grew up. Henija started her journey at a nursery in the baby unit looking after children aged 0-2, She did this for 3 years before moving to the pre-school to be a room leader. She was at this nursery for nearly 6 years before moving on to another nursery. Henija joined Lions Cub Nursery when we oppened in April 2013 where she works in the playroom with our 2-5 year olds. She has worked her way up from nursery practioner to our 2 year old lead while here and she enjoys looking after the amazing children we have!

Bobbie Mckechnie - Apprentice
I have always enjoyed working with young children. I went to college and did my level 1 in childcare and education. Once I had finished this course I started a 6 month placement at Lions Cub Nursery. Being here inspired me to extend my knowledge in childcare and education and therefor I started my level 2 apprentiship while still working here. I really enjoy working with all the children .

Cassie Phillips - Nursery Practitioner 
I started as a trainee in another local setting when I was 17 and went on to do my level 2 and level 3 in childcare and education. I started Lions Cub Nursery in April 2013 when it opened and progressed on to becoming a key person. I enjoy my job very much and enjoy all age groups.

Chantelle Milton - Nursery Practitioner
I started working with children when I was 17, I always knew that I wanted to be in this profession from the age of 14 and its a dream come true being able to do it as my full time job. I started working at Lions Cub Nursery in July 2016 and it was the best decision of my life. I feel that I have grown and gained more confidence due to the amazing support from all the staff. I am looking forward to my future here.

Hayley Boddy - Nursery Practitioner
I always knew I wanted to work with children from a young age, so after studying childcare at school I went on to college where I gained a level 3 diploma in early years. I then went on to become a nanny for 3 families, where i throughly enjoyed my time. After having some time off to spend with my own children I gained a job at lions cub nursery, shortly after moving to eastbourne. I have been at the nursery for almost 2 years now since joining in 2014 and really enjoy working with all the children.

Laura Potter - Nursery Practitoner
Coming from a large family with many young cousins I always enjoyed helping to care for them and knew it would be a career for me so I jumped at the first opportunity in school to study child development and gain work experience in nursery's and after school clubs. I then went on to further my knowledge at college and work placements in various settings. This led me to my first job at a play scheme and after school club more than 10 years ago and I have stayed in childcare and education ever since, working in schools and nurseries, loving every minute.I found my passion working in special educational needs and achieved my NVQ in playwork while supporting children with a wide range of additional demands in mainstream and special needs schools, learning so much along the way. I have also worked abroad, volunteering in orphanages where I was able to experience a large spectrum of different child care. After having my first child in 2012 my interest grew towards early years which led me to Lions Cub nursery 2 years ago where I began my journey as an individual needs assistant which I really enjoyed. Now i am a key worker and have great relationships with all the children and love being part of such a lively and exciting environment.

Katie Dobson - Bank Nursery Practitioner
I have always wanted to work with children and I started studying childcare while I was still at school. Once my GCSE's were finished I was able to stay on a further 2 years at school to comlete my level 2 & 3 in childcare. I started working at Lions Cub Nursery in May 2016 and I have enjoyed learning new skills, as well as getting to know the staff and children.