Our Fee Structure

We are open from 8am until 6pm, Monday-Friday, 52 weeks a year.
(Closed all bank holidays)

Our Sessions are:
Morning 8.00am – 1.00pm
Afternoon 1.00pm – 6.00pm
All Day 8.00am - 6.00pm

Our fees are fully inclusive of meals, snacks, drinks, nappies & wipes


Morning Session
8am - 1pm

Afternoon Session
1pm - 6pm

All Day
8am - 6pm

All Week
0-2 Years £29.00 £27.00 £49.00 £220.50
2-3 Years £26.50 £24.50 £45.00 £202.50
3-5 Years £25.50 £22.50 £44.00 £198.00

For non funded children our fees are fully inclusive of 3 meals, snacks and drinks per day.

Early Years Education Entitlement

Some children may be entitled to 2 year old funding which starts the term after their 2nd Birthday. Please ask for more information.

The term after your child’s 3rd Birthday they will be entitled to up to 15hours of free child care which they can take during the following sessions.


If you want a completely free nursery space your child can attending Lions Cub Nursery for 5 x 3hour sessions per week term time only



We can also offer 3 x 5hour sessions term time only (if you choose these sessions you will have an additional cost for meals)

8am – 1pm

1pm – 6pm

We can offer a streatched offer which is worked out at just under 11hours per week over 52 weeks per year, the funding will be calculated and taken off your monthly invoice.

From September 2017 we will be offering the 30 hours free child care as a streached offer (only) which will allow eligible families to claim up to 22 hours free per week, this will be offered on an idividual basis.

Meal Costs

Breakfast £1.50

Lunch £2.50

Tea £1.50

10% sibling discount is available and discounted for the eldest child.