Parent Testimonials

Martin, Father to Alivia (12 months) says:
Alivia started Lions Cub Nursery at 9 months old she settled quickly and the staff were very suportive during this process. She is very happy here. When I drop her off all the staff are very welcoming and both myself and my daughter feel at ease. She is provided with lots of diffrent experiences from messy play to outings on the dotto train. Alivia loves all the delicious home made food and the cook has really supported us during her weaning, giving us great advise and proviging her with a large varity of foods for her to try. I would highly recomend the nursery! 

Richard and Gemma, Parents to Chloe (3 years) says:
After looking around other nurseries in the area, i knew immediately after steping into Lions Cub Nursery that it was the right enviroment for my daughter. Leaving your child in the hands of strangers is always a daunting time but Kelly, Christine and the team at Lions Cub made my daughter feel safe and put my mind at rest during the early days. Now alomst 2 years on, my daughter runs into nursery and comes home happy and excited to tell us about her day. From the regular trips out to the open plan eel, the friendly staff to the home cooked meals, i cannot fault Lions Cub Nursery. 

Hannah, Mum to Cameron (4 Years) and Maisie (2 years) says:
Both my children have been to Lions Cub Nursery and we are so happy with it. The staff are warm and friendly, and you can see how much they love the kids, and build great relationships with them. It is a very homely environment, with huge bright and airy rooms and both my children have been really happy here. The staff listen to your ideas, and they now have home school books, so you can leave messages for your children’s workers, and vice versa, where they can let you know how your children have got on each day. The fees there are very reasonable, in fact cheaper than a lot of the others I saw, and the service is fantastic.

Lucy, Mum to 9 month old baby says:
My daughter beams with pleasure when she goes to Lions Cub Nursery. She goes every day for most of the day and has a great relationship with all the staff. They treat her as an individual and treat all the members of our family as part of the nursery-family. The staff are really supportive of me, whether on weaning, the emotional side of leaving a young baby and on any worries that come from being a mum. My daughter also loves the social side of being with other children and playing games. As one of the youngest babies at the nursery, she settled in really quickly. I think it is a great nursery.

Hannah, Mum to Ollie (2 ½ years) says:
We're really pleased with Lions Cub Nursery - the staff are very friendly, with a nice open plan area downstairs and lots of equipment for the children to play with. Although there isn't an outside area at the moment, they are working on it and they also take the children on lots of outings so they're not indoors all the time. They have everything there that you would look for in a nursery and my son is very happy.