Nursery & Pre-School Room

Our Nursery and Pre-School room is a large open plan space, enabling children to flow freely around the area participating in any activities of their choosing. They have access to the ‘communication corner’, sand and water play, the construction site, the mark making area, a quiet room for small group times/quiet time, the mud kitchen and much more. As these children play alongside each other, the younger children learn from the older children and the older children enjoy the responsibility of lending a helping hand.

Our nursery children begin to develop their independence through every day activities, i.e. washing their hands before meal times or after using the toilet. Opportunities and experiences are planned to their level and individual interests and key persons plan in group times to focus on specific skills.

Our Pre-School children have a growing independence which is encouraged throughout their day, helping prepare them for school. They are encouraged to choose their own activities and lead play experiences. Key persons plan opportunities for children to develop key skills which will help them in school life. Key persons also plan group times focusing on early phonics and other key areas of development. The Messy Room Within the Nursery and Pre-School room there is a separate room for messy play, this room is open throughout the session allowing the children to explore different media’s and materials and to express themselves through art and design.